Hey everyone.  Like many of you I am a food enthusiast who has fallen on some hard times.  I currently have little choice but to utilize the local food banks and dollar store for my meals, and am having a blast with it.  If you have a few basic ingredients, many of which I can actually get at the food bank or dollar store (or at least fairly cheaply at the grocery store), you can make delicious, satisfying and even some gourmet meals with little or no cost.

I happen to have autoimmune diabetes and I have to keep a large amount of my meals low carb.  One of the problems I noticed, was many food banks have tons of potatoes, noodles, and high sugar offerings, but less healthy options.  This blog is about my journey to cook food for myself that fits my dietary needs.

All of my recipes are scaled up for 4-6 people, although I do all of my cooking just for myself.  If you simply cut the recipe in half, you will have a good amount of food for two.